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Why Asian Students Don’t Ask Questions

It is usual for students from Western countries to have questions at the end of a lecture, but in Asian countries, students don’t ask questions. It is said that Asian students in school believe that teachers know best. The lecture written on the board will be at the exam, and if wordings are different on the exam, most students will not be able to answer the question. Boarding schools in Asia where students flourish are also a factor in their school performance.

Face Scenarios

student friendsFace pertains to scenarios in class for students and teachers. If a student asks a question in class, it can either imply that the students were too dumb to understand what the teachers have been discussing during lecture, which results in him/her losing face among their peers. It can also imply that the teacher was unable to thoroughly explain the topic during the lecture so the students could comprehend. These are situations where the students and teachers would instead save face and would rather ask their peers than asking questions during lecture time.

Tendency to Avoid Questions

Students and teachers avoid the scenarios above by not asking the questions in class. The student may approach teachers outside the classroom after class or later, when there are no other people around. Losing face is a severe issue in schools in Asia. Newly-arrived students from Asia are aware of losing face, but most of these students get westernized fast, and the culture of losing face virtually disappears. This situation is changing more as students are more exposed to western learning, teaching, and thinking, but we all know that Asian traditions never die.

Cyborg Effect

students togetherThis is a concept that goes hand-in-hand with the “face” issue. This example comes from Star Trek about the Cyborgs in their metal cube. They function individually, but their minds are linked and work as one. Students in Thailand sit in pairs. If you ask one student a question, there are no immediate responses. He/she will then turn to their partners and ask.

Teachers will then get a collective answer. This is good in some ways, but it makes it challenging for instructors to gauge each student’s knowledge. This is also the same in Japan, where students are even seated in pairs. Some students already know the answers, but for some students that don’t know, they are discretely given answers by their seatmates.…

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How to Get Past Sexual Stereotyping

The topic of sex and the many secrets and stereotyping that come with sexual biases and are usually discussed in low tones. However, over the last few years, the number of people coming out and are proud to let people know of their sexuality has been on the rise. Apart from josh groban crazy stupid love, famous hip-hop music artists and NFL player who openly accepts their sexuality, the number of high profile business people are also coming out and letting people know and take them as they are is growing. Have you been boxed in by stereotyping and other shenanigans that are making you afraid of coming out and living your life? It is a fact that in workplaces and other social arenas, bisexual and gay people get a cold treatment and sometimes outright discrimination. If you have ever experienced stereotyping and felt hurt, then written in this article are some simple tips to help you get over them.self acceptance


The first thing you should do to avoid the victim mentality is to accept yourself. A study has shown that people who quickly get offended when people talk about their sexuality lack self-confidence or have not accepted themselves. Therefore, before you allow another person’s comment to get into your head, you have to make sure that you are comfortable in your own skin. Once you accept yourself, nobody’s criticism will make you feel bad or make you doubt yourself.

Be Open-Minded

Truth be told, you can control what other people think or talk. And once you know and are okay with that, then what other people say or think about your sexuality will not affect you in any way. Remember being open-minded will not only help you get past stereotyping but will also help you take control of a conversation whenever people start an offensive topic. Again study has shown that open-minded people rarely get offended with issues that are out of their control or people that cannot mind their own business.sexuality

Be Firm

Just because you are open-minded and accept yourself does not mean that you have to take in all the trash that shallow-minded people want to through at you. What this means is that sometimes you have to be strict and tough. When someone approaches you with BS, you need to stand firm and tell them to go to hell. Facts show that many gay and bisexual people tend to be timid and chicken out whenever every Dick and Tom invade their space. As a smart person, this should never be the case.…