Battle of Brown's Mill
July 30-31, 1864 Newnan, Georgia
"General Hood. We have just completed the killing, capturing, and
breaking up the entire raiding party under General McCook--some nine
hunderd and fifty prisoners--two pieces of Artillery, and twelve hundred
horses and equipments captured."                         
 General Joseph Wheeler CSA
"The dead lay around us on every side, singly and in groups and piles; men
and horses, in some cases, apparently inextricably mingled. Some lay as if
peacefully sleeping; others, with open eyes, seemed to glare at any who
bent above them. Two men lay as they had died, the 'Blue' and the 'Grey,'
clasped in fierce shot in the head, the throat of the other was
partly torn away."    
                                   Mrs. Fanny Beers, Buckner Hospital, Newnan, GA.
If the very old will
the very young will listen.
Chief Dan George
With My Appreciation and Acknowledgments To:
James Drake
David Evans
Bill Scaife
Quotes and other material from the book Sherman's Horsemen are courtesy of David Evans and Indiana University Press. Sherman's Horsemen, by David
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